Spiritual Services

1). Tarot Spirit Chat is commonly called a divination or reading. Service is done via video.

2). Ẹrindilogun a Yoruba based shell divination. Please note this reading will require additional follow up activities. Divination done virtually. In person available with special arrangements. 

3). Baby Blessing - we travel to you for this service. Please note requestor is required to cover services and travel expenses. 

4). Esentaye - African based divination to know the special gifts of your baby and know life purpose. Please note request or is required to cover services and travel expenses.

5). Elekes ceremony is a Lucumi based ritual that signifies the person’s first step on the path to Ifa/Orisha. Cost includes consecrated sacred beads, baths, ibori (head cleansing) and special anointing. Service is done in person and we can travel to you. 

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