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The color of a rose and the ultimate symbol of love, the Rose Quartz.

A stone for the love junkies and hopeless romantics, Rose Quartz is a member of the quartz family, which is made up of silicon dioxide. It gets its sweet soft-pink color from the many tiny inclusions of pink fibers known as dumortierite, which is embedded within the glassy stone. It also gives it an opaque quality, which is why Rose Quartz should be kept out of the sun.

  • Use in love rituals
  • Promotes unconditional love, peace, and compassion
  • Inspires self-love
  • Promotes an attitude of Lovingkindness
  • Calms after traumatic events
  • Instills tenderness
  • Promotes mutual understanding
  • Adds spark to a romance and promote trust
  • Eases mid-life crisis
  • Helps with emotional balance
  • Encourages friendship & maternal love
  • Eases the grieving process and soothes a broken heart
  • Promotes forgiveness, trust, and understanding
  • Increases fertility

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